Anton Hud

Homelessness is a problem that has infected America and is not being cured or treated. It is too easy for people to ignore this problem, many people really believe that homeless people are just too lazy to work. This is truly not the case. Homeless people are unfortunate and unlucky, any bit of help that they can get is greatly appreciated. For me I have noticed something else that seems to be the problem and cause for homelessness. Often times you can see a homeless person talking to themselves or saying things that does not make sense. Mental illness is extremely apparent in many homeless people you see. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 20 to 25% of the homeless population in the United States suffers from some form of severe mental illness. Many homeless people clearly suffer from mental illness and this can be the entire purpose they are homeless. Severe mental illness can prevent people from being able to do everyday tasks and hold relationships with other people. It is difficult for these people to go get help on their own, many people with severe illness do not recognize that they have it, this makes it exceptionally harder for homeless people to get treated because they do not have anyone that can get help for them. I believe that to help out the homeless population we need to give them mental health exams. If a homeless person has schizophrenia they can have hallucinations and delusions which without treatment can make everyday life impossible. Also poor mental health can lead to poor physical health. If your mental health is severely bad you can struggle with doing easy tasks like keeping up your hygiene. We can start by getting homeless people food and clothes, the necessities would be great starters but it does not end there. We can no longer ignore this problem.

About the Author:
Anton Hud
Age: 19
Tuscon, AZ
LMU Student
Major: Economics